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Join Cave Theatre Co., in artistic partnership with The Tank, for a reading of a brand new play by Adam Szymkowicz: "East Haddam"!

"East Haddam is just like any other town. Perhaps even your town. Except for the Green Swamp Lady. There is that. Oh, and the Unicorn. That’s there as well. Other than that, quite your typical, standard little town. Did we mention the clowns and secret agents? To be fair, regular towns can have those too, though. So we’re ok on that. Anyway, enough chatting, let’s show you around, shall we?"

Admission is FREE! October 29th @ 7pm at The Tank Theater! (312 W 36th St)

Recent productions below…

Cave Theatre Co. is excited to announce our very first World Premiere production: Divorce Party, by Lauren Wimmer. 

In this absurdist black comedy, six college friends get together to celebrate a recently failed marriage. Tensions run high, despite the cookie cake. Add in the complicating factors of alcohol, emotional instability, and firearms, and you’ve got six people deeply in need of a reality check…and in one case, a qualified taxidermist.

April 21st - May 7th, 2017 (Fri/Sat @ 8pm / Sun @ 3pm)
UNDER St. Mark's Theater / 94 St. Mark's Place
Tickets just $20 online or at the door

We hope to see you there! For all press inquiries and requests, please use our Contact Form.