It is within caves that the first art appeared - tales of humanity carved or painted on the rock walls. Our ancestors walked deep into the earth away from all light and created stories with paint, with fire, with song. We now venture into the dark as our ancestors did and strive to do the same. The lines and shadows flicker and dance in our torchlight. The flickers on the walls create visions of worlds unknown. In this dark, raw, and fertile space - in this cave - anything is possible.

Cave Theatre Co. will strive to:

DISCOVER the "new" in established pieces, as well as uncover new works from emerging artists, and produce them with integrity and vigor.

CHALLENGE ourselves to strip away the extraneous, and move away from what is artistically comfortable; to bring theatre back to the primal art of storytelling.

INVIGORATE our ensemble with artists, both emerging and veteran, who are searching for an artistic home, creating a safe haven in which they can explore and flourish.

EMBRACE artistry of all walks and any form of expression that serves the truth of the story.

NURTURE a new generation by igniting a passion for the arts through outreach programs in local schools and the community at large.